The best day of the week for me is always the day/days that I spend with my wonderful girlfriend.  

Saying that light travels at around 186,000 miles per second, it takes the light from the Sun 8 minutes and 20 seconds to travel 93 million miles to earth, I read an article earlier showing an image of a star 63 light years away, for light to be travelling 277 million miles per hour it just boggles the mind to think of the distance light covers for the light to take 63 years to get there at that speed. 

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I haven’t seen my girlfriend for a whole week now and its going to be another week until she is back from holiday, I miss her so badly, I just want to be all tucked up in bed with her right now and fall asleep by her side, I wish I were there with her you know, seeing the sights and holding her hand during the adventure. 


I really hope I find a job soon so that I can start saving up towards rent in a few years time with my girlfriend, we can’t wait to move in together, I love her so much. :’)

Last weekend I had such an amazing time with Kaycia, we spent Saturday watching films and sleeping and on Sunday we went to Sheffield Fright Night as Alice and The Mad Hatter as a couple, I hope she’s having a great time at the Cottage in York this week, even the smallest things we do show that we love each other, I will spend the rest of my life with her no matter what. <3

Some people out there need to appreciate their boyfriend/girlfriend, I appreciate my girlfriend and we both love each other unconditionally, we’ve made future plans and promises together, we cheer each other up when one of us is in a bad mood or upset, we can do anything around each other and still feel comfortable, we can say things to each other that some other couples wouldn’t even say, even if it’s really cheesy, I have learnt that jealousy is normal in a relationship and that it shouldn’t change things between one and other, I do admit that I do get jealous and/or worried over silly things sometimes but at the end of the day it shows that we care for each other. 

Kaycia’s promise ring is on it’s way from the United States, hopefully it doesn’t take long for the ring to arrive, I can’t wait to see her face light up and make the cutest smile imaginable when I present it to her. :) 

I love you Kaycia. <3

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Made plans on getting Kaycia a lovely promise ring when I can afford it, I can’t wait to find the right one in her size, I know I’m still young but I know what I want in life and that is having her by my side until I die. 

I will always love her unconditionally and she know’s this. 

Kaycia is my one, my actual one. :) <3

I love being in love. 

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Awww omg, Kaycia sent me the most sweetest message ever explaining that were going to be together forever no matter what, I’m so happy. 

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I love Kaycia. 

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Going to Leeds tomorrow.

Thinking back to all the fashion phases I went through, I finally feel comfortable now. 

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